SCC Inventory Consulting offers a variety of services to support the design and implementation of inventory management systems, including on-site and web-based training, material-flow analysis, and project management support to meet a wide range of business needs:

On-site review & diagnostics

Single day or multi-day events designed to analyze your current production and inventory management processes, diagnose the effectiveness of current practices and recommend improvement opportunities. In many cases, our standard analysis tools can be directly applied to your data, expediting the analysis process. Or, we can customize our approach to meet your unique business challenges. We also offer full solution design and implementation support services.

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Lean material flow kaizen events

Three day events designed to drive immediate improvement in a work center, assembly line or manufacturing work cell. Events target the 7 Wastes by applying 5S, value-add process mapping and line balancing techniques. Each event follows a structured approach of team building, targeted training, shop-floor discovery, analysis and brainstorming to guide the team towards process improvement.

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Cross-functional Project Management

With broad technical and managerial experience in materials, manufacturing, engineering, systems and more, Steve Cimorelli and SCC Inventory Consulting are uniquely qualified to provide cross-functional project management leadership and support across a range of business challenges. Examples include:

  • ERP system evaluation, selection and implementation
  • Lean transformation
  • System conversion
  • Product line transfers
  • New product introduction

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APICS certification training

We offer the full range of CPIM (Certified in Production & Inventory Management) training modules:

  • Basics of Supply Chain Management
  • Master Planning of Resources
  • Detailed Scheduling and Planning
  • Execution and Control of Operations
  • Strategic Management of Resources

Please visit , or follow the link below, to learn more about the benefits of APICS certification, with details on any of the above modules.
Link to APICS Certification web site:

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Excel-based Inventory Analysis Training

Tools & Techniques: Combines beginner and intermediate level Microsoft Excel training with real-world inventory management techniques. Attendees acquire Excel tools and techniques specifically designed to solve a variety of inventory management challenges:

  • ABC Inventory Classification
  • Economic Order Quantity calculation
  • Demand pattern analysis (statistical variability)
  • Safety stock calculation
  • Order point, average inventory, overstock calculations
  • Kanban parameter setting
  • Supply chain opportunities

Excel features & functions covered by this training include:

  • Properly formatting data to avoid common pitfalls
  • Building formulas and functions
  • Sorting, filtering and summarizing worksheets
  • Importing data from other sources
  • Joining worksheets through common data elements

Training combines PowerPoint presentations with hands-on, instructor-led, exercises. All attendees are provided a "Tools and Techniques" quick reference guide to maximize their ability to apply lessons learned on-the-job for immediate payback of your training investment.

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Kanban / Pull System Design & Planning

Training and implementation support designed to educate your inventory and production control teams in the fundamentals of kanban system design and planning. This program follows the approach described in Kanban For The Supply Chain (Steve C. Cimorelli, author; Productivity Press, copyright 2006) with an emphasis on the planning and preparation needed for a successful kanban program. Please refer to the "Publications" link for further details.

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Kanban / Pull System Execution & Implementation

Training and implementation support designed to build upon the kanban planning fundamentals taught in "Kanban / Pull System Planning". This program also follows the approach described in Kanban For The Supply Chain (Steve C. Cimorelli, author; Productivity Press, copyright 2006) with an emphasis on physical implementation and execution of the kanban process. Please refer to the "Publications" link for further details.

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