Excel-based, highly customizable tools designed to analyze inventory savings and customer service improvement opportunities, best-practice inventory management techniques and supply chain improvement strategies. Call to see how we can fit these tools to your unique business needs, or develop a custom solution for your business.

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  • Analyze product-specific demand patterns
  • ABC Coding
  • Safety Stock calculator
  • Diagnostics
  • Inventory savings analysis
  • Service improvement opportunities
  • Inventory control process diagnostics
  • Part number item analysis
  • Identify pull system candidates (item level)
  • Kanban parameter setting
  • Kanban technique selection
  • Inventory estimator
  • Customize standard tools to meet unique challenges
  • Fully customized solutions

Demand Planning Analyzer

Analyze product-specific demand patterns over a horizon of up to 250 periods (days, weeks or months). Determine ABC inventory categories, identify demand anomalies, calculate statistical safety stocks and more. Internal diagnostics recommend best-fit inventory management techiques including MRP, Kanban/Pull, and Continuous Flow.

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Inventory Optimizer

Compares your current inventory levels and management techniques to those recommended by the Demand Planning Analyzer. Identifies opportunities for inventory savings, product availability improvements, and business process improvements. Results are presented in summary formats by product family, work center, supplier, or company-defined grouping, with drill-down capability to product-specific detail. Pareto analysis, performed at various summary levels, focuses action planning to give your business the greatest impact at the lowest cost.

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Kanban Workbench

Builds upon results of the Demand Planning Analyzer for products identified as kanban (pull system) candidates. Determines appropriate order points for candidate part numbers, recommends best-fit kanban technique, and estimates average inventory investment required. For part numbers managed by kanban, exception reports provide periodic kanban adjustment recommendations to ensure kanban levels are kept in-synch with evolving demand patterns.

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Custom Solutions

Each of the above tools can be customized for your specific inventory challenges. Or, we can design a fully custom solution to meet your company's unique business needs. Please contact us to discuss how we can help.

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