Benefits of SCC Inventory Consulting

& Expertise
Return on

Immediate Return on Investment

Our products and services are designed to solve your immediate inventory and material flow challenges. With an arsenal of simple yet powerful inventory management analysis tools, highly customizable to suit your business, we can diagnose specific areas of improvement and assist you in rapidly increasing inventory turns, improving on-time delivery, and driving waste from your material flows. Business results achieved to date include:

  • Finished goods distributor: 12% inventory reduction with 15 percentage point improvement in line-fill in 6 months.
  • Industrial equipment manufacturer: Expanded kanban control from 74% of raw parts to 96%, with 17% inventory reduction and improved on-time delivery from 95% to 98%.

Our custom training is focused on immediate results, allowing your business to reap bottom line benefits. For example, our Excel workshops are designed to teach skills targeted to solving specific inventory challenges. Why pay time and money for generic Excel training, when your inventory team can hone their Excel skills on problems that really matter? Why invest hard-earned income on pull-system theory when we combine theory with proven techniques, low-cost analytical tools and on-site project management to have you up and running quickly? Call us today to discuss how we can help you improve your inventory processes and bottom line.

Experience and Expertise

With over 30 years of professional experience, and fellow-level certification from APICS in Production and Inventory Management (CFPIM), Steve Cimorelli and SCC Inventory Consulting can hit the ground running on a host of inventory challenges. The products and services we offer reflect the
expertise gained from real-world application of tools and techniques that have been demonstrated to work in a wide variety of manufacturing and distribution environments. Please see the biographical information on the Contact page for more detail.

We recognize that no single firm can meet every business need. So we maintain a network of consulting associates. If our products and services don't provide a good fit for your needs, we will be happy to make an appropriate reference.

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Custom Solutions

Our product offering provides a foundation from which to rapidly build your unique custom solution. From solving specific inventory problems, to diagnosing your production & inventory processes, or providing solution-focused training, we can offer the customized products and services your business needs to improve inventory performance, customer service and financial results.

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